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    Popscent, the new Chinese fragrance brand comes from pop culture. It can be said that it’s neither completely in line with the British pop lifestyle, nor with the obscurity of American style. Perhaps this is a new form of pop art. It's young, unique, colorful, avant-garde and innovative. It tones down the original irony and adds in elements of playfulness — showing pop art in the form of aroma, showing the young attitude to life.Pop culture comes from the English word “popular” (trendy in mass) and its diminutive “pop”, as in trendy art, popular art. Pop art originated from the conserved British Art World in the 1950s during the 20th century. As well as in the 1960s, because of the influence of a group of artists represented by Andy Warhol, which made a major impact in the United States. Pop then appeared in fashion, AC-DC, cigarettes, tapes, Rock & roll discs… and many other things. By taking anything surrounding them, such as cartoons, film posters, celebrities, high heels, or any other consumer goods, then deconstructing it, sticking it back together and repeating the process; everyone was able to create pop themed art.

    betway体育投注_betway体育投注_必威betway866, as the exclusive authorized distributer of the brand Popscent for hotels in China, joins hand in hand with this fashionable brand of fragrance. We infuse playful and colorful elements into fragrances and personal care products to express the attitudes of the young and help the hotel to be close to today's distinctive guests who have a unique pursuit, providing exclusive care and personalized bathing experience during the journey. 



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