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Explore the philosophy of LifeDiscover the unknown world in the aroma

The Brand, RECLASSIFIED was born in Shanghai. It is the pioneer of proposing the idea of "Re-Salon" in China, introducing Niche Perfume to every corner of China and offering wide variety of choices to perfume lovers.RECLASSIFIED explored stories from literature, history, art, and philosophy, then re-create the unmatchable poetry and dreams hiding in the deepest part of our memory. Being adventurous and romantic at the same time, we sought to explore the unknown, and bring you the beauty of life through our inspirations and creativity.

WHAT INSPIRES, as the exclusive authorized distributer of the brand RECLASSIFIED for hotels in China, joins hand in hand with this fashionable brand of niche perfume. We draw inspiration from fragrance, and integrate the mix of journey philosophy, classical culture and contemporary ideology into fragrance & personal care products. We also provide various stylistic visual effects of product display, fashion or retro, elegant or wild, for hotels which pursue extraordinary details. We will assist hotels to afford attentive care and unforgettable bathing experience to tasteful and well-informed guests during the journey.


RECLASSIFIED already has nearly a hundred offline stores,located in the city's high-end shopping malls.


Hotel Fragrance& Guest Amenities